Contact Lenses: Top Tips for Avoiding Serious Eye Infections

Furthermore, the effectiveness of this test based on the PSA is discussed, as explained in the article published in February 2012 in Sciences et Avenir (see below). In 2010 HAS had already rejected this screening for the general male population. Since then, an American expert has criticized the inefficiency of the PSA test for cancer screening, heavily prescribed inFrance, reviving the controversy.

No more for PSA (prostate specific antigen). These three letters, familiar to men over 50 years, mean a blood test on which a practice has long been controversial: screening for prostate cancer. This test measures an unprecedented rate of PSA protein, whose role is to liquefy the semen in the body. And this is not the recent findings by American experts from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) that will calm the scene Their message delivered in October 2011 is clear: the PSA is more deleterious is efficient and should be used in healthy men without symptoms. “A bomb!” Responds Dr. Dominique Dupagne, general inParis, fierce opponent of this screening and founder of the group Do not touch my prostate.