Teething Baby, An Irritating Milestone

Teething Baby, An Irritating Milestone

Even though teething a milestone for your little one, it is several months of irritation for mother and baby. This fun begins around 3 or 4 months of age and continues up to 3 years. Below is approximate times of when new teeth may start to come in.

6 to 7 months; Incisors; Two central bottom & Two central top teeth
7 to 9 months; Two more incisors; Top & bottom
10 to 14 months; First molars; Double teeth for chewing
15 to 18 months; Canines; The pointed teeth or “fangs”
2 to 3 years; Second molars; Second set of double teeth at the back

By their third birthday, most children should have all twenty of their primary teeth.

Teething is relatively painless for babies, but it is uncomfortable. Many parents think their baby has teething symptoms, when in fact it may be something else. Here are the most common symptoms:

* * Irritability
* * Restlessness/difficulty sleeping
* * Increased saliva
* * Drooling
* * Desire to chew on everything within grasping distance

Other signs that can be seen in the baby’s mouth include swollen, tender gums where a new tooth is coming through.

If your baby is teething and it is really bothering them, there are things you can do to ease the irritation. One thing I used with my son was a teether. There are many different types of teethers. I used one that resembled a set of keys; it was his favorite. Another type that he enjoyed was a chilled, not frozen, teething ring.

When you see that first tooth, all the irritation will be well worth it.