Vitamin C: Everything You Ever Needed To Know About It

Vitamin C: All You Ever Needed To Understand About It

Ascorbic Acid is among the renowned vitamins, but you may not know what it's and just what it will? That is what this information will demonstrate: everything you have ever needed to understand about Ascorbic Acid.

Ascorbic Acid is a vital nutrient permanently overall health. Bodies are not able to fabricate ascorbic acid, which means you should make sure you get enough from your diet and dietary supplements.

Ascorbic Acid has numerous different functions in your body, including:

Needed for development of bovine collagen

Ascorbic Acid is important for you to produce bovine collagen, a protein the body uses to produce skin, scarring, ligaments, tendons, and bloodstream vessels.

Antioxidant Activity

Ascorbic acid is really a effective antioxidant, and therefore it protects your cells from oxidation by toxins. The harm brought on by toxins continues to be associated with disease and aging. Ascorbic Acid, being an antioxidant, might help combat toxins.


In case your body lacks ascorbic acid, you are able to develop conditions for example bleeding and bruising easily, hair and loss of tooth, joint discomfort and swelling, decreased wound-healing rate, anemia decreased capability to defend against infection, as well as in severe cases, scurvy.

Scurvy is easily the most famous from the results of too little ascorbic acid, because of the effect that scurvy had around the navies of occasions past. It required centuries before anybody recognized this devestating disease was from the possible lack of nutritious foods that contained ascorbic acid. Obviously, we have all heard the storyline of Captain Prepare yet others who beat scurvy with limes, hence why British mariners are call limies!


ascorbic acid can be obtained from a variety of sources. Especially good sources are citrus fruits, Australian plant plum, bananas, tomato plants, goji berries, broccoli, and much more. There's also good quality Ascorbic Acid dietary supplements which you can use.

Ascorbic Acid is an extremely important dietary component. Make sure your body will get enough!