What’s Psychological Well being?

However, the European study, with follow-up on nine years of almost 163,000 men, showed that the effectiveness of screening remained very modest, the authors have calculated that it would identify 1410 men and treat 48 to avoid a … one death from cancer.

A “public health disaster”

But it is ultimately theU.S.findings of the USPSTF (Preventive Services Task Force) that brought the final blow against PSA in October. After resumption of serious and most recent studies available to date, it has concluded the ineffectiveness of the test. It is the inventor of the PSA itself, Dr. Richard J. Ablin, who had strenuously disavowed its own test not long ago in The New York Times. In an article entitled The great mistake prostate (Prostate: the great mistake), he described his invention of “public health disaster” because of its imperfections and its disproportionate cost, $ 3 billion United States alone. Because what is also faulted by screening the famous PSA test is too easy with his prescription,France, about 5 million tests in 2010. The fruit, often, a prescription written in a hurry, without explanation or relevant information.